Online Lending Banks Without Going to the Branch? 2019

Banks Granting Credit to the Branch?
Until a few years ago 2-3 thousand pounds for the loan, even if almost all day of the bank branch should spend while the “credit without going to the branch ü the idea of ​​a dream came out of reality and turned out to be a reality. Both the development of internet banking and progressive technology, as well as the fact that many information is accessible online, as well as the decreasing costs throughout the world as a result of the decrease in the profit margins of the banks, are among the reasons that make it possible to attract loans online. In this way, customers do not have to sign dozens of pages, and banks do not lose time by selling credit to someone who is already willing to attract loans.
How to withdraw?
Banks can usually request online loans only if they cannot obtain income information while paying their salary customers without requesting any documents. CepteTEB, Bank e-easy credit and Aktif Bank N Easy Credit can give credit to certain limits, if credit rating and income conditions are suitable for everyone. Other banks offer online credit facilities to their existing customers.
Online banking is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you want to spend the night or the weekend during the holidays, you can use online credit, transfer money to different accounts within the same bank or withdraw from ATMs within the withdrawal limits. It should be noted that EFT transactions can only be performed during working hours.

Because the credit rating is low, or if you want to use a higher level of credit, we provide warranties, collateral, etc. It would be more appropriate for those who want to use credit to show their loan applications. However, the amount and maturity of the loan to be withdrawn when applying for loan from the internet branch should be paid maximum attention.

The maturity of the loans to be drawn online can be as much as 48 months as the maturity of the loans that can be withdrawn from the branches.

Which Banks Are Giving?
The maximum limit that can be given to the banks without credit to the branch is changing from bank to bank. The general process of the process in banks is as follows:
Instant Needs Loan:
offers credit to everyone, whether or not a customer. If you are an customer, you can carry out your transactions online, if you are not a customer, you can make an appointment with your banker at the address you will give to the address you need to sign the necessary documents. Interest rate, loan calculation and immediate application
Active Bank N Easy Online Credit:
Aktif Bank is a bank offering online credit to everyone, whether or not it is a customer. You can send your signature to the credit agreements with the courier to send to your address and you can use up to 30 thousand TL without insurance costs.
Instant Credit:
which is an online banking service, offers many opportunities to attract loans without going to the branch. If you are a customer, you can take a few minutes to borrow through the internet branch. Immediate immediate application
Credit from the Internet:
While offering its customers 15 thousand credit facilities through the internet branch, only those who are not customers receive their applications from the internet site. customer who is not a customer but leads to the nearest branch
Instant Loan Application:
In addition, a maximum of 30 thousand limits are defined for loan applications to customers through mobile or internet branch. With the approval of the application, the loan is instantly transferred to the customer’s account without any processing. İşbank instantly recognizes the features of the loan and the immediate application
Instant Credit:
it depends on whether the customers receive their credit line salaries through online. Those who receive salaries can use up to 30 thousand credits, while others from other banks can receive up to 9 thousand credits
offers 24/7 credit to its customers without going to the branch.

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