Mortgage Loan Facility Installment Loan

Mortgage Loan
Mortgage-backed loans are a type of loan that appeals to people with large amounts of cash. draws attention with all its services as well as its mortgage provision loans. If you plan to take advantage of a current loan product, which is a mortgage-backed loan, you can find the information you need about this loan.
Properties of Installment Loan
Mortgage Facility Installment Facility Loan is extended with a maximum maturity of 36 months. If you wish, you can get a chance to pay back with quarterly or variable installments and this loan is allocated to real persons who have a certain and regular arrival and who have positive intelligence, with the exception of commercial applicants. Mortgage allowance The person who uses the Loan is provided with life insurance and housing package insurance and the housing package insurance is renewed every year. The limit of Mortgage Allowance Installment Credit Loan may be up to 80% of the appraisal value of the real estate to be mortgaged. You can apply by clicking here.
Documents Required for Mortgage Loans

If you intend to take advantage of the Installment Facility Loan Fund, you will need some documents. These documents are as follows: a copy of the identity card or the driver’s license; a certificate of income, a copy of one of the most recent bills of electricity, water, natural gas and telephone registered on behalf of the applicant, or a certificate of residence; the ownership of the property to be displayed as a collateral or a copy of the title easement of the property and photocopy of the real estate.
Mortgage Interest Installment Loan Interest Rates
The interest rate of the Installment Fund with Mortgage is determined as 2.80% for loans between 3 and 36 months.

You can enjoy solving your cash problems easily by taking advantage of this credit product which is among the most recent consumer loan products.

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