Details About Knowing About Vehicle Loans

In accordance with life conditions, everyone has to have a car at home. In order to buy a vehicle, people have the most demand for credit, so it has become necessary to know many details about the vehicle loan.

Car loan application is a type of credit offered by the banks that have the right to use the vehicles in second-hand or new cars. Banks offer credit facilities in different lines of zero and second-hand vehicles. There is an age limit set by the banks in second hand vehicles. The vehicles that are above the age limit determined by the banks are called as old and scrap. It is not possible to apply for a vehicle loan to these vehicles. As with retail loans, the maximum maturity of vehicle loans was 48 months. It is not possible to benefit from the vehicle loan above this maturity. In line with the policies of banks, there are certain standards in the lending rates of vehicle loans. In other words, it is not possible to cover the entire amount of the car to be purchased by credit. While the value of automobile insurance is important in second-hand vehicles, sales prices are important in zero vehicles. In other words, the calculation is made over the value of the casco and the calculation is made over the sale price. The amount of vehicle loan can be used in accordance with the amounts stated below.

How Much is a Car Loan?
– For vehicles up to 50.000.-TL and less, up to 70% of vehicle prices

– For vehicles up to 50.000.-TL and above, up to 70% of the vehicle price is extended. The age limit for used cars varies according to the banks. Some banks use car loans up to the age of 10, while some banks use car loans up to 5 years of age.

In addition, the file costs of the vehicle loans, ie the allocation fee is charged. This fee is 5 per thousand of the loan amount. The taxes to be paid for the vehicle loans are reflected in the installment amount that you will pay by making all of my BSMV accounts at the rate of interest rate of KKDF and 5%. In addition, a 5% BSMV fee is applied to the file cost of your credit (allocation fee).

Failure to Pay Car Loans
If you are unable to make payments related to the vehicle loan, you have the opportunity to go through the configuration process. Your bank may make a different payment plan for you to agree with you to comply with the laws and the bank conditions so that you can pay for the loan you are in. This payment plan is prepared in a way that does not force people. But if the disruptions continue to be disregarded, they will be monitored. The default interest rate in the contracts is calculated and the addition of BITT and PPE is taken from the person who uses the loan completely.

Selling the Car
It is only possible for banks to sell the vehicle as a hostage by the banks. It is not possible to sell vehicles without closing your debts and allowing the bank to let you.

Giving up Using Car Loan
It is possible to give up the approved vehicle loans in accordance with certain conditions. Persons whose car loans are approved have the right to give up their car loans within 14 days from the date of approval without any justification and without having to pay the penalties. You have to have the right to quit your right to a bank or financial institution that you wish to use for a period of 14 days. If your bank or financial institution has made any payments to a third party (person, public institution or organization) for your car loan, you have the right to ask for all the payments you have made.

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